A shining example of early learning achievement!

Mikaylah in class with a white board that she wrote her name onStarting school can be a daunting experience for any child, especially one who is shy and lacks self-confidence. Mikaylah was no exception when she started the VPK program at Pathways in August. It was her first time in a classroom. She was unable to identify any letters or numbers and would not participate in classroom activities.

But with early learning intervention, Mikaylah made tremendous progress after only a few weeks. She was becoming more and more confident in her abilities and was increasingly participating in classroom activities. She made new friends and even began volunteering to lead activities for her peers. Her initial Pathways Learning Plan was designed to provide early learning development, covering the basics like learning the beginning letter of her name, identifying numbers one through five, and learning planned vocabulary words.

By mid-year, she could successfully identify all the letters in her name, count up to ten, and recognize numbers up to thirty. She could also identify the planned vocabulary words and incorporate them into her everyday conversations.

It’s been an incredible journey of growth and development for Mikaylah during her first few months in the VPK program. Her early learning successes have given her the confidence and courage to continue striving toward academic success in Kindergarten and beyond.

Early childhood education is a vital part of any child’s development, and Mikaylah’s early learning successes are an inspiring reminder of how far early education can take them.

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