Building a Better Future: The Journey of Ruith 

At Pathways, we are dedicated to providing personalized educational approaches for all children, regardless of their developmental levels or family means. One shining example of the success of our approach is Ruith. Ruith arrived at Pathways when she was two-and-a-half years old, facing significant developmental challenges in communication, socialization, and motor skills. It was her first time in a classroom. She wouldn’t speak to anyone, making it difficult for teachers to understand her needs and for her to make social connections with her peers. Her fine motor skills were underdeveloped, making tasks such as holding a pencil or scissors a struggle. Ruith was also easily distracted and lacked focus, which made it challenging for her to engage in classroom activities.

Recognizing that each child has unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses, our teachers, support staff, and Ruith’s father went to work tailoring an approach to meet her needs. For Ruith, this involved using tactile, visual, and auditory techniques to develop her fine-motor skills, communication, and socialization. By involving her father and working collaboratively with her teachers, it was possible to create a plan that met Ruith’s needs. Only eight months later, Ruith’s progress has been remarkable. She is using basic vocabulary to express herself more effectively. She’s started to identify letters and colors. She has made great strides in social skills, making friends, and participating in group activities like dancing, painting, and circle time, even softly singing the classroom songs. She gains confidence each day. Additionally, Ruith has achieved the milestone of being fully potty-trained, which was a significant challenge when she first arrived at Pathways.

Ruith’s journey is only one example of the power of early intervention. At Pathways, we are dedicated to helping all students reach their full potential by providing high-quality programs and services. By involving parents, working closely with teachers, and tailoring educational approaches to individual needs, we can ensure that every student has an opportunity to succeed.

We couldn’t do this important work without our amazing community of supporters. Ninety-nine percent of the students Pathways serves require scholarship funding from donors like you. With your help, we can continue this mission and create brighter futures for our community’s children. Thank you for being part of the Pathways family! Together, we can transform lives through early education and support. Because when you change the beginning, you change everything.

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