Sara’s Story

Sara had a light about her the moment she walked into the classroom. Proclaiming, “Hi, I’m Sara, want to be friends?” It was clear shyness would not be one of the obstacles she would need to overcome. From that first moment, Sara’s teachers knew she had a big personality and that nothing would stand in her way of success.

Sara was born with a physical defect on both hands that would make it challenging to master many fine motor skills. But when her teachers offered her accommodations, she proudly refused and practiced those skills repeatedly until she mastered them her own way. Nothing was going to slow her down.

Through Sara’s Pathways Plan, her teachers created individual lessons and tracked her progress to ensure she met expectations in all development areas, including fine motor skills. Now, Sara is better prepared and ready to learn in Kindergarten because she was given the opportunity to be in a high-quality early education program. We believe all children deserve the same chance as Sara to reach their full potential and have a safe place to learn and grow.

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For 58 years, Pathways Early Education Center has championed quality early learning and care programs so that children in Immokalee have an equitable opportunity to thrive.

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