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At Pathways, we know that a safe and healthy learning environment is essential to a child’s development. So when our team at the Early Education Center noticed water damage, they wasted no time taking action. We called one of our caring supporters, a specialist in the field – BioResponse Restoration.

Manny Pozo, Co-Founder of BioResponse Restoration, has small children of his own, one of whom has Asthma. So he has seen firsthand how sensitive kids can be to even the mildest mold issues. “We take these things very seriously. Even the slightest traces of mold damage can affect sleep, learning, and so many things. So I really appreciated the team at Pathways proactiveness responding to the damage,” reports Manny.

The team at BioResponse acted quickly, too, coming in over the holiday break to handle the mold remediation so as not to disrupt the children’s learning time. They isolated the contaminated walls, removed drywall, chemically treated the area, and “scrubbed the air,” all before another round of treatment and closing up and painting the walls. When the children and teachers returned from break, you couldn’t tell the BioResponse team had been there.

To top it all off, they donated almost the entirety of the cost and labor for the job. “As a father of young children, I have seen how important the first years of a child’s life are to their learning. And as a child of immigrants, I understand and greatly appreciate how important Pathways is to the community. Honestly, I was honored to help,” Manny comments.

With a grant from the Collier Community Foundation, this necessary project was completed with a lot of help from our friends and at no cost to Pathways. That means more dollars and cents dedicated to providing the essential early learning experiences that build up the next generation of our community’s leaders.

Thank you to BioResponse Restoration and the Collier Community Foundation for helping keep our classrooms safe and healthy.

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